The Ancient Order

TAO welcomes players of any skill level, on any platform, or of any political allegance in Elite: Dangerous (or other games/simulators).
We promote helping both new and experienced players by sharing our knowledge and skills with anyone who wants to learn or advance in the game.
TAO is also a Frontier Developments sanctioned in-game Faction in Elite: Dangerous, our home base is located in the Basuki An Star System.
Our very Diverse and International Group has members that play on all platforms and at all skill and economic levels.

We operate our own Discord Voice/Chat server where you can get the latest Mission Directives, News, Conversations, and even use
for your very own Private in-game Wing Communications.

The Ancient Order (TAO) is Registered on the Inara Website along with all Elite Dangerous Player Groups.

  • Our Membership Rules are simple and straight forward, you can read them here
  • To join the TAO Group you need to SIGN UP WITH INARA FIRST.
  • Then you need to go to our Inara Wing Page by CLICKING THIS LINK
  • Click on the BIG Button that says 'JOIN THE ANCIENT ORDER'
  • Complete all requested information and submit your Request
  • Enter as much information as you can and MAKE SURE you provide your TWITCH Name
  • After that (up to 24 Hours) the Founder will Approve OR Deny your Request
Once Approved, you can Join our In-Game Private Group (ANCIENT ORDER) - see below for instructions
You will also now have access to our Discord Chat (click the Button on the TAO Inara Wing Page)

  • Start up Elite Dangerous
  • On the Main Menu, click on 'FRIENDS AND PRIVATE GROUPS'
  • Click on the 'GROUPS' Tab
  • Click on 'SEARCH GROUPS'
  • Enter these two words 'ANCIENT ORDER' and hit enter or click on search
  • When found, Click on the 'REQUEST JOIN' button and you are done
  • Note: Requests to join the in-game Group can take up to 24 Hours so be patient :)