The Ancient Order

Palden Dalera VI
Palden Dalera VI

The sixth to be named after the Ancient Ascended being Dalera, who was banished for taking a Human mate 10,000 ago, Dalera began the Shield of Dalera known today as The Ancient Order (TAO)

Her and her descendants, who became known as the Chosen, are dedicated to the preservation of peace and order throughout the Galaxy.
Dalera VI as are all of the Chosen, is blessed with the AtA gene, allowing for activation of all Ancient Technology should any be discovered.

Born in 3077 to Emmet Jackson and Former TAO leader Palden Cassandra Emmagan, Dalera was always encouraged to think for herself and outside the norms, she was raised a leader, with full understanding, that when the time came she would step forward, in later years this mindset would lead to a sudden but subtle rebellion, as Dalera,against the Palden’s wishes, joined the Corp of Combat Engineer’s under the tutelage of legend Mack Heller.

Her Heroism and Bravery during the Horrific Jempi Wars and the Massive Battle of Azu, all while outwitting and leading both sides to the negotiation table, essentially ending the Jempi conflict sowed seeds that would grow to legend.

After the death of her mentor Mack Heller in (3197) Dalera vanished into the outer galaxy, rumors of a wild green eyed girl with white hair running combat stabilisers or performance enhancers through heavily guarded space were followed with tales of the same white haired green eyed girl saving a dozen Sirius Security Officers overrun by a Thargoid ambush from certain death, it is alleged that upon discovering her crewmates involvement in the venture she jettisoned them from the airlock without hesitation. In the years that followed other even wilder tales emerged from the outer rim only serving to further enhance the legend.

Warrior, Negotiator, Queen of the Smugglers, the words Savvy, Cunning, Ruthless followed by Fair, Kind, Selfless are all spoken in the same breath of the mysterious wild white haired lady of the rim. In (3206) nine years after dropping out of sight, Dalera resurfaced at her Mother's side remaining there for the next 92 years, faithful and vigilant.

Educated by some of the most brilliant minds and schools across the Universe she is a dynamic Politician, Financier, and Military Strategist, leading through exemplary performance and a driving passion for order. After her mother, Palden Cassandra’s Tragic and untimely death in (3298) Dalera VI became Palden and the unequivocal leader of TAO and continues to do so to this day